What is RocketZoom?

It has been said that 98% of all websites fail. They fail to be found, fail to impress, and fail to motivate customers. There is a formula for website success. A website must be responsive, very fast, reliable, and contain the right wording. Some of this wording helps to determine how high your search ranking is, and some of it will motivate your audience to purchase.

My name is John Lister and I've been helping businesses succeed for nearly 20 years, using the power of their websites. I've discovered some secrets that can boost your website to the top of the search engines, all the while inspiring your potential customers to purchase from you.

Website Development

When RocketZoom develops your website, we factor in such things as speed, responsiveness, proper use of keywords, and proper technical attributes that make your website soar to the top of search results and load quickly.

Website Design

RocketZoom's design elements are made to do more than simply impress! We create user-friendly menus, attractive features, and will write or edit your copy in order to motivate your customers to make purchase decisions.

The Three Elements of Success

Having a world-class website is not enough. We also offer premium web hosting, and regular maintenance, all factors in determining your website's level of success.


Hand Coded

We hand code most of the html on the unique websites we create. Programs such as Wordpress generate a lot of excess code and can drastically slow down a website, and bury keywords - resulting in poor search engine results. We never resort to "paint-by-numbers" techniques.

Speed Rules

Because our sites are streamlined, they load fast. Fast loading websites not only rank higher in search engines, but are more appealing to the people who you are trying to attract. Enjoy better results with a fast website from RocketZoom.

Not just SEO

We optimize your website for search engine success, but we don't stop there! We also optimize for humans - your customers - by incorporating emotional and psychological words which have been proven to motivate people to make purchase decisions!


Shared Hosting

Shared website hosting comes with some risks, but we've found ways to reduce them. For starters, our data center is located in Toronto, Canada, not in some third-world country. It boasts features such as high uptime, green hosting, and fast speeds.

IP Address

All web hosting uses an IP address, usually shared with hundreds of strangers. At RocketZoom, we own our own IP address, ensuring only our trusted clients are using it, eliminating the very real risk that a stranger's website will cause yours to become blacklisted.


Unlike off-shore web hosting farms, our data center is secure, reliable, fast, and safe. Our connection to the Internet Backbone uses multiple suppliers, ensuring the fastest, most reliable connection to your customers. Isn't it time you host your website with us?


Keep it Fresh

Websites are ranked in search engines for a number of reasons. One often-overlooked factor is how often a website is updated. RocketZoom offers very affordable updates to your website. Simply email us your changes and we'll do the rest.


If you prefer to run your own blog, we can embed it into your website, so you can manage your updated content on your own. It's not quite as effective as changing the actual content on your page, but it's a step in the right direction.


New and changing content also tells your customers that you are on top of things when it comes to your website. Not only do you increase your search engine ranking, but you improve your customers impression of your business. RocketZoom can help you manage your updates!


In business, singing your own praises rarely works and is often difficult to do in a manner that feels believable.
Here are a few samples of what our customers have to say about the services we provide.

I had been searching for someone to redesign my website and implement an SEO plan when I was referred to John by a trusted friend of mine. John was an absolute pleasure to work with. His patience, creative ability, and efficient work ethic far exceed my expectations. Any ideas I had he would expand on them to make them better and more search engine friendly. He constantly showed a positive attitude and made me feel like my concerns and website were his first priority. Only weeks following the site going live we have already seen a significant improvement in the traffic to our site as a result of his SEO efforts.
I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone looking for a website and/or SEO work. I look forward to working with John for many years to come." Jana Mitchel, Wheels for the Wise
I am so thrilled with the web site that John designed for my new up and coming business. Also, the photos that he took of the different arrangements were amazing, and added excitement to each page of the site. Thank you for listening to everything I said, and also for your patience with my constant changes. I would definitely recommend you to anyone seeking a web design. Thanks John...you're the best! " Bonnie Grant, Bonny Blooms
It is with pleasure that I write this short testimonial for John Lister. John's websites are detailed and specific to your individual need. He is well-organized, proficient and very professional. John's work reflects his multi-talents and dedication to each and every one of his clients. The design of your website will either be the starting point of your business or the collapse of it. John puts much of his energy and determination in creating the perfect website tailored to your business. I especially appreciate the service he continues to provide even after he has completed your website. John applies all his talent to the task at hand and I would recommend John to anyone looking for a detailed website." Carol Villeneuve, IC Investigations
I was really pumped ( pun intended ) to see what John had come up with for my newly launched fuelpumpsupply.com site. I was not let down, The results surpassed my expectations.Working with John was easy and things progressed very quickly, best of all cost came in at the LOW end of the estimate ! I look forward to having John revamp my other website in the very near future." Ian Preston, Fuel Pump Supply

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